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Shaving soap "Date in Antibes", 100 g
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Antibes on the French Cote D'Azur the playground for British Kings, Russian Tsars with beautiful clear azure seas, golden sands framed by pines and junipers. Antibes is a slice of heaven so have a “Date in Antibes” yourself with an aromatic aquatic shaving soap with Sea notes, Incense and Bergamot.

Our Shaving soap produces thick, stable, creamy and long lasting lather that's easy to whip up even in places with ‘hard water’. It's made from natural ingredients that provide excellent glide, slippage and cushioning combined with three moisturising ingredients to ensure an excellent post shave experience.

Registration number of the EAEU Declaration of conformity N RU D-RU. AG82. V. 07689/20. Date of registration of the Declaration of compliance with GOST 31692-2012: 10.07.2020
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