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Pre-shave oil "Au Natural", 50 ml
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When you don’t feel like a fragranced pre-shave oil or possibly can’t because of health reasons then don’t worry because we have Au Natural a totally fragrance free range of products to look after your grooming needs.

So why not protect your face and improve your shaving and post shaving experience with a blended pre-shave oil containing a carefully selected group of four oils rich in vitamins A, complex B, C, D, E and F along with Omega fatty acids 3, 6 & 9 and polyphenols. These ingredients contain a range of properties that both moisturise and hydrate your skin and beard acting as humectant emollients, antioxidants and possess both anti inflammatory and antibacterial, fungal and microbial qualities.

Registration number of the EAEU Declaration of conformity N RU D-RU. AG82. V. 07695/20. Date of registration of the Declaration of compliance with GOST 31692-2012: 10.07.2020
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