School of English shaving
The Secrets of English shaving
Have a warm shower, clean and hydrate your face while your brush soaks in warm water.
Apply 3 or 4 drops of pre-shave oil into the palms of your hands and massage it into your wet beard.
Take your wet brush and pinch the tips of the bristles to remove excess water.
4. Hold the soap tin upside down or at right angles and swirl your damp brush around the tin until you have enough soap.
If you own a bowl then swirl your brush around the bowl building up a lather.
Then apply the soap initially with your hands or with your brush. Next begin building up the lather on your face. See Point 8.
If you don’t own a bowl then take your soapy brush and apply it directly to your wet face.
Using your brush build up the lather with circular or figure 8 patterns and then smooth out the lather as if you’re painting from side to side.
If your lather looks dry or if you prefer it wetter then sprinkle some water onto the tips of your brush.
Now begin shaving! If you intend to perform more than one pass then you can reapply the pre shave oil between passes.
After shaving, you can massage any leftover soap into your face if you wish as it's a good moisturiser. Then rinse off.
Lastly apply your post shave product of choice while remembering to clean and leave your brush to air dry in the open.
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