Date in Antibes
Antibes on the French Cote D'Azur the playground for British Kings, Russian Tsars with beautiful clear azure seas, golden sands framed by pines and junipers. Antibes is a slice of heaven so have a “Date in Antibes” yourself with an aromatic aquatic fragrance with Sea notes, Incense and Bergamot.
Adventure in Portofino
“Adventure in Portofino” is inspired by the Italian riviera and the exclusive resort of Portofino. Blue cloudless skies and bluer seas frame the picture perfect village of Portofino. And nothing better sums it up than a fresh woody aromatic fragrance with notes of Grapefruit, Incense and Ginger.
Afternoon in Capri
The island of Capri off the Neapolitan Riviera is a place where the rich and famous come to indulge themselves. So allow yourself the opportunity to enjoy one of the jewels of the Tyrrhenian Sea with an “Afternoon in Capri” a citrus aromatic fragrance that blends African Orange Flowers with Bergamot and Neroli notes.
Red or Black in Monte Carlo
The casino in Monte Carlo is the stuff of legends where gentlemen either tried to break the Bank of Monte Carlo or gambled away their shirts trying. So why not bet on a sure thing and try “Red or Black in Monte Carlo”, a Woody Spicy fragrance with notes of Virginia Cedar, Rum and Patchouli.
Drive in Windsor
What could be better than an open top classic sports car speeding down English country lanes ? Well we think that's a prize winning idea but a more dependable one given the English weather would be a “Drive in Windsor” a woody floral aromatic fragrance with Leather, Violet Leaf and Nutmeg notes.
Au Natural
When you don’t feel like a fragranced product or possibly can’t because of health reasons then don’t worry because we have Au Natural a totally fragrance free range of products to look after your grooming needs.
Downhill in St Moritz
Since 1864 St Moritz has been known as “the Top of the World” and has been entertaining winter sports enthusiasts for generations. It's the perfect place for a gentleman to indulge his passion for all things ‘winter’. But if you can’t spare the time to visit then at least try “Downhill in St Moritz” a fresh clean fragrance with Mint and Green notes.
Cresta Run
“Cresta Run'' is a fragrance that was created in tribute to the World famous ice skeleton track. It was designed to give the impression of the icy blast you would experience driving a sled down the straights and bends of the famous track with a chilly minty mix of both Menthol and Spearmint notes.
Morning at the Barbers
“At the Barbers” is a fragrance inspired by the golden era of barbershop shaving. Allow yourself to be taken back in time with a classic gentleman’s fougere fragrance. It's a classy, clean and fresh scent with notes including Lavender, Geranium and Oakmoss.
Lunchtime at the Club
Membership of a Gentleman’s Club was a prerequisite for any aspiring Gentleman. A place to escape from the hurly burly of city life where like minded Gentlemen could meet in civilised convivial surroundings. So if you like the sound of that then try “Lunchtime at the Club”, a Leather fragrance that's spiced up with Cardamom, Leather and Saffron notes.
Afternoon at the Tailor
A tailor made suit isn’t just an indulgence it's the uniform of every gentleman. So if a trip to Saville Row in London isn’t on your list of immediate things to do then try instead “Afternoon at the Tailor” a woody aromatic fragrance that blends creamy Sandalwood with comforting Vanilla and the tartness of Juniper.
Night Out
“Night Out” is a fragrance that encapsulates the culmination of our hero's day: a night out in the city. So enjoy an oriental spicy scent rich in Tobacco Leaf, Vanilla and Dried fruits.
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