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Shampoo soap bar "Drive in Windsor", 135 g
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What could be better than an open top classic sports car speeding down English country lanes ?  Well we think that's a prize winning idea but a more dependable one given the English weather would be a “Drive in Windsor” a woody floral aromatic shampoo soap bar  with Leather, Violet Leaf and Nutmeg notes.

Our shampoo soap bar was created to be mild, gentle and soothing using 4 oils and 2 butters to moisturise and nourish your scalp and hair to maximise your comfort and enjoyment. If you suffer from a dry or itchy scalp then we recommend you consider using our soap. And if you travel frequently and want to travel light then an eco friendly shampoo soap bar should be your go to product.

Registration number of the EAEU Declaration of conformity N RU D-RU. AG82. V. 07694/20. Date of registration of the Declaration of compliance with GOST 31692-2012: 10.07.2020
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